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West Kootenay Kennels and Cattery

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here and considering adopting a Westie or Devon Rex from us. We are Suzanne and Nolan Janssen, a second generation kennel with more than 30 years of history and experience. Grandma Janssen started breeding in 1987 and in 2019 my wife and I decided to join her and add our favourite breed of cat; the Devon Rex. Over the past few years we have transformed our acreage into a small ranch and have really expanded our love for animals. We are very proud to say that all our dogs and cats have pet quality lives, a healthy and clean environment and the best of health care, we expect that your home will too!

We truly benefit from the many years of Westie breeding, that our mother has accomplished before us and now have some of the strongest and healthiest lineage of Western Highland White Terrier’s in Western Canada. We were also very fortunate to have adopted our Devon Rex’s from very ethical and high quality show breeders in both Canada and Europe and now we have show quality Devons that boast TICA championship awards. We offer our clients the security of knowing that their future family members will be of good health, bred to a high standard, and registered “pure bred.”

If you’re looking for an exotic breed of cat, and truly one of the most entertaining and lovable breeds out there, then a Devon Rex kitten is right for you. These hypoallergenic, non shedding cats are quickly becoming a favourite and how can you not love those ears. We are proud of our Devons and quite satisfied on how our breeding program came together with very high quality and healthy adults. Our adults are TICA Pure breed registered  and have several championship show awards. If you’re after a beautiful and high quality Devon Rex, we have some of the highest ranked in Western Canada. 

Our Pets

If a Westie is right for you, we have them too! This breed is also considered hypoallergenic and non shedding, a very  convenient feature for any one that is looking for a travel buddy or a room mate. This little terrier will amaze you with its intelligence and ease of training. We love our pups for the constant attention and the unmatched enthusiasm they show us every day. There’s no one happier to see you then your Westie!

Before you decide to adopt, please take the time to research us and other breeders carefully, never support any breeder you feel might not be taking proper care of their animals. Breeding requires full-time attention and cannot be done safely and humanly as a part time or as a side income. These animals have personalities and all the emotions that humans have so we’re all responsible to look out for them and their environments.

When you’re ready to add a furry friend to your family our adoption process is simple, and we try to keep our wait list very short. First please read our adoption and spay/neuter contracts and make sure you’re comfortable with them. Then please take a few minutes to answer the questions on our adoption application. In our website you can view our adults and the next expected litter dates. Rarely do we have puppies or kittens available for immediate pick up, so seldom will we have available puppy\kitten pictures up. Please plan 2-6 months in advance.

West Kootenay Kennels & Cattery
Registered Breeder for Westie Puppies & Devon Rex Kittens
30+ Years Experience
CKC/TICA Registered – 1 Year Full Health Warranty
Serving Western & Eastern Canada
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Client Satisfaction

I first reached out to West Kootenay Kennels from an advertisement, chatted with them through the platform and exchanged emails for more information. Nolan and Suzanne replied to my messages in a quick manner, and they sent formal documents for me to review which made me feel they were very responsible about their adopters. I reserved a puppy two months before I picked her up. In the meantime, Nolan and Suzanne kept me informed and updated me with puppies' photos and progress throughout the adoption process. On the first day my puppy got home, she slept all night long, and was well-trained to use a pee pad ; which saved me a lot of energy. She was really healthy, active and curious about everything. The time spent on this puppy was really fun. She is also very smart, she has learnt sit, paw, and down on the first week arrived at our home. After we picked up our puppy, Nolan contacted us to check-in and gave us advice when we had questions. Overall, I would like to recommend West Kootenay Kennels if you consider having a Westie. I am very happy about the puppy I have and appreciated the suggestions that Nolan provided for us as new puppy parents.

Yin Yu

Burnaby BC

Client Satisfaction

Fantastic experience! We adopted a very happy and healthy Devon Rex, and we’re so impressed with the entire process. There was always quick and clear communication, and you could tell Suzanne and Nolan are very invested in the Devon Rex kittens being raised taking the time to properly socialize them and ensure they are healthy before going to their new homes. Our Devon Rex has been a wonderful addition to the family with the best personality for our family. I Highly recommend West Kootenay Cattery if you’re in search of a new family pet!

Tara Strownbridge

Edmonton AB

Client Satisfaction

I hardly know where to begin or how to place it into words but I’ll try. We adopted our Devon Rex Kitten who we named Binx and he is the most precious gift! He is intelligent, sweet, and the most playful kitten we have ever had! My husband is allergic to cats and has never been able to be around them, let alone own one. Nolan and Suzanne we very accommodating and allowed us to see if my husband would react to the Devon Rex. Binx was instantly part of our family from the very first time we met him at the cattery The breeders; Nolan & Suzanne, are incredible to deal with. The passion, knowledge and communication we experienced from day one was impeccable, and you can truly see the time, and love put into each kitten. I would highly recommended anyone who is looking for a Devon Rex kitten to love forever, to reach out to the West Kootenay Cattery- you won’t be disappointment. Thank you Nolan & Suzanne for trusting us with one of your kittens!

Jillian Walsh

Edmonton AB

Client satisfaction

I lost my Westie in September of 2021, and couldn’t imagine my life without another Westie. I admit to being leery of kijiji, but after texts, emails, photos, and phone conversations with both Nolan & Suzanne, I knew they were legit. I got my Holly in December of 2021. She’s the absolute heartbeat of our home! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend West Kootenay Kennels, and Nolan & Suzanne. Excellent communication - always responded to my questions, and kept me informed every step of the way. My beautiful little girl arrived on time, safely, healthy, and sassy!

Kelly Sholinder & Holly

Qualicum Beach, BC

Client satisfaction

From the our very first correspondence with Nolan and Suzanne , we were very comfortable with their adoption policies. Any questions we had were promptly answered, and always to our satisfaction. We were sent pictures and videos of the puppies frequently, so we able to see our little girl get bigger. It was easy to see that these dogs are well loved and well taken care of. Every detail of the adoption was handled professionally and seamlessly. We will definitely get another puppy from Kootenay Kennels when the time comes . I highly recommend them .

Kim O’Brien

Kelowna BC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my new pet have a health warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1 year health warranty for your new puppy or kitten, we also send the little guy home with his/her first months health insurance to cover any unfortunate accidents or unexpected illnesses.

Do you deliver or ship your pets?

Yes, we’ve had families all over western Canada and even as far as the east coast. We always try to hand deliver our pets and usually arrange for several youngsters to make their first trips at the same time. When they travel with siblings the long travel becomes a fun adventure and they do very well. If driving isn’t an option we will make arrangements to fly your pet. If we cannot book a direct flight then flying may not be an option (no lay overs).

At what age can I pick up my pet?

Our puppies that are getting picked up or traveling with us by vehicle are usually ready at 8 weeks. Puppies flying may need a couple more weeks to strengthen. The Devon kittens are ready to go home at 12 weeks and traveling by flight they need to be 14-17 weeks old.

What qualifies a pet as being pure bred?

For a dog or kitten to be pure bred, it needs a family tree, this is only accomplished by being registered with an organization like the  CKC or TICA. This is actually very important for health reasons. A responsible breeder can then insure that there’s no inbreeding in the lineage and any outcrossing was done properly. Always insist that the parents of your pet are registered at a minimum.

Is your kennel/cattery registered?

Absolutely! We are registered with the CKC and TICA, also we are active members of the UKC, and CCFA. We are also a registered Canadian business. As an adopter these should be very important to you to insure the quality and care the breeder maintains their kennel/cattery at.

Can I visit your kennel or cattery?

Yes, please come see us in person if possible. We will need to schedule this as regularly we have new litters of unvaccinated kittens and puppies and at these times we strictly limit visits. We often have a weekend of visitation and have many families come meet our adults.

West Kootenay Kennels & Cattery
Registered Breeder for Westie Puppies & Devon Rex Kittens
30+ Years Experience
CKC/TICA Registered – 1 Year Full Health Warranty
Serving Western & Eastern Canada
For adoption forms, please click here

West Kootenay Kennels & Cattery takes great pride in its pets, its breeding program, and will always be open to improving.  We strive to place the best pets in the best homes. If your ready to introduce a fur friend to your home please contact us and we will start working on finding the perfect pet for you.

Thank you!

Nolan & Suzanne

Kennel & Cattery

West Kootenay Kennel and Cattery is committed to providing a healthy, happy and safe environment for breeding of Westie Puppies and Devon Rex Kittens.

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