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About Us

Responsible Adoption

We take adoption seriously. We require all adoptive pet parents to submit an application so we can evaluate the validity of placing a new pet in the home. We do this to ensure our pets are being sent to healthy and stable homes which will be able to care for them in the long term. Pet adoption is a long term commitment and we strive to ensure you and your new pet are a good match.

We Are Here To Help

Have questions about adopting a pet from West Kootenay Kennels? Contact us for assistance with adoptions and upcoming pets.

Pet Health

We take pet health seriously! During the adoption process you will be asked and required to agree to our spay and neuter contract as well as the pet health agreement with regards to pet shots and wellness checkups. We recommend pet health insurance to help safeguard the wellbeing of your new pet for the duration of their lives.


West Kootenay BC

Edmonton AB

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