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Devon Rex Information

The Devon Rex has been often admired for having an elfin almost alien type appearance and is described as "out-of-this-world "for both their looks and antics. This unique breed breaks away from typical cat characteristics and will capture your attention

By choosing a Devon Rex you will enjoy the company of a very smart, mischievous, friendly, outgoing, and agile cat. The super social, highly active Devon Rex is clownish in character and loves to entertain their people. They learn tricks

  Lily is the daughter of Triple Grand Champion Wilma and Grand Champion Griffon Archibald. Lily is a pure white Devon Rex that will hypnotis you with her stunning blue eyes. Lily is a playful and energetic young Devon who definitely

  Padme was born here at Kootenay Cattery. Padme is the decendent of Triple Grand Champion Wilma and Champion Paragon. Padme is a beautiful brown/black tabby that is anything but ordinary; showing love to everyone, from a good game of tag

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