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West Kootenay Kennels & Cattery

Westies Health Profile

Physical health:

A westie is a hardy little dog and when adopted from a healthy bloodline they can live 13 – 15 years with little medical issues. Westie’s are considered non shedding, low odour, hypo allergenic dogs, although during high stress or heat they can lightly shed. If you have allergies please visit us and spend some time with our dogs to see if there is a reaction before adopting. The Westie breed is known to have sensitive skin, and it’s important to avoid strong detergents, lawns with recent fertilizer or herbicides and also not over bathing or the use of strong shampoo with whiteners. The adults need 2-3 hair cuts a year and regular hair brushing, you will need to trim toe nails and hair in-front of eyes and around the bum in-between grooming appointments. With a healthy diet, regular vaccination and health checks for your puppy, they should have many years of healthy happy living. 

Emotional health

This breed is largely very cheerful and playful, with a strong need to be connected to their humans. We all love and need our pets, the westie truly needs our companionship more than we need theirs. They do very well in homes that have time to be there friends and share theirs lives with them. They will do poorly in an environment where they are alone for long periods and receive little attention. An evening walk, a quick game of fetch and some couch time next to you is all they need. 

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