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Westies Temperament.

The West Highland White Terrier temperament makes them a lively one. The Westie is a very alert dog and will take notice to any strange animals or people with their ears and head standing tall. Westie’s are always ready for a chase, so it’s important that you keep an eye on them, a squirrel is absolutely irresistible to chase up a tree. They are a very friendly dog with family, other pets and children. Westie’s never pass on an opportunity to indulge in some companionship and attention, in fact they love human attention and quickly recognizes positive responses from everyone. Westie’s truly loves to please and will put on quite a show for that craved attention.The West Highland White Terrier is a loyal dog, and is the friendliest and happiest of all the Scottish terrier breeds.

The courageous West Highland White Terrier temperament means that they are self-confident while in the presence of other dogs. You have to train them not to pick fights, which is something that they may do despite their tiny size. You may be surprised, but the Westie actually makes for a pretty good watchdog, despite their smaller stature. Being quit territorial, they will let you know buy barking if they feel someone is encroaching on their territory. 

The independent West Highland White Terrier temperament can be a strength, but it can also can be a weakness. Without training and attention they can become stubborn and develop a  guarding behaviour towards other pets (growling at the food dish). Also the Westie will be happy to be in-charge of the house if you let them. A Westie may need their training refreshed every once in a while.

The breed is also very hardy, their thick double coat makes for great protection for year round outdoor adventures. If you want to take your Westie on vacation with you, they will love the idea!  Considering their tiny size, Westie’s fit easily into a carrying case and travels very well in vehicles.  The Westie is a robust dog, and  generally up for any challenges you want to throw at them. Wether your going for a all day hike, road trip or just sitting on the couch the westie will be happy to accompany you.

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